Aquila Watercolor

Watercolor Art by Jessica Lindell

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! Do you love color? Care about helping pets and wildlife? Understand the power of artwork to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere? Me too!
— Jessica Lindell

It's watercolor!

When I was a young teenager, I began painting pet portraits to use as the subjects for sympathy cards for our local animal hospital, where my mother worked as a Veterinary Technician. Creating pet portraits allowed me to get involved with local animal shelters and rescue groups. I continue to help these amazing organizations through donating prints, which they use to raise funds for their work. I have been featured in two local magazines, and had the honor of being selected as Best in Show at my first gallery show. I've also placed second in the watercolor division at the Minnesota State Fair. Today I continue to paint because I am passionate about watercolor, the subjects I paint, the people I get to work with, and growing my small business.

Quality Prints

All the prints available on this website are printed using archival lightfast inks on ultra smooth bright white fine art paper. These prints are guaranteed to remain beautiful and vibrant, without fading, for over 200 years. All prints include tips for framing and are carefully packaged. They are all available in easy to frame sizes, so you will most likely not need a custom frame. I print every piece right from my home, inspect them to insure they look amazing, and ship them right to you. Make your space pop with colorful watercolor prints!

Giving Back

Color, composition, and contrast help me create emotion in my work. I aim to carefully consider all of these things before starting a painting. I enjoy experimenting with new subjects and materials, and challenging myself to learn new techniques. I love to see the joy on the faces of clients receiving a finished commission, the gratitude of organizations receiving donated artwork, and the inspired students I teach. Creating joy and helping worthy causes serves as the foundation of my practice, and fills me with excitement to paint each day.


Ten Tidbits About Me

1) I love my family like crazy, and am filled with gratitude for them everyday. I am blessed with an amazing husband and two littles, a girl and a boy.

2) Aside from painting, sewing is my favorite hobby. My favorite thing to sew is a new dress. I love Cynthia Rowley and Dottie Angel patterns.

3) And then there is knitting. This is my zen activity. I love to zone out with my yarn and needles, and find knitting to be a very handy way to pass the time whenever I'm waiting at life's various appointments.

4) I also love to cook. Some of my favorite food blogs are:,,, and

5) Family walks- they're the best. I strive to take them everyday.

6) We've decided as a family that one day we will live somewhere near Lake Superior.

7) Making time to work on my mindset and goals daily is the best gift I can give myself and those around me. I'm so grateful I've been exposed to this new way of thinking, and I am beginning to understand the power of positivity.

8) Someday I'll have a huge garden. But right now we live in an apartment. :)

9) Chocolate. Everyday. Especially from Santa Barbara Chocolate.

10) I don't have it all figured out. I value kindness and love. I care deeply about children and animals. I identify my faith as Christian, and pray daily for wisdom, peace, and strength. I like to explore answers to tough questions, and seek wisdom from everyone's experience and knowledge, regardless of what they believe.